Doron Giat’s Productions:

Here is the variety of productions with which the school is involved:
  • Production of master classes and performances with musicians counted among the best in the world, such as: Michel Camilo, Dave Weckl, Anthony Jackson, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Omar Hakim, Kenny Garrett, Ronald Bruner Jr, Chad Wackerman, Jeff Ballard, Mark Guiliana, Thomas Lang, Antonio Sanchez, Jojo Mayer, Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen, Kenwood Dennard, Andre Boyd & Simon Phillips.
  • Workshops with Israeli musicians and production of instructional video clips.
  • Musical production of special events and ceremonies – the school produces every event from A to Z, including musical management, amplification, photography and editing.
  • Web channel for sharing musical contents of artistic value, including training videos.

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