Video: Doron Giat’s Masterclass

Doron Giat’s Master Class

For years Doron Giat has been teaching master classes at high schools and music academies. The master class displays all the many and varied styles that Doron has at his command and tells how they influenced the career he built from playing the drums. Special emphasis will be placed on versatility and on instilling methods for effective practice. The audience will enrich his knowledge in each and every musical genre: jazz, Latino, rock, funk, reggae, ethnic and more.

Doron will present the difference and the similarity between musical cultures, provide tools for mastering structures and improvisation, speak in depth about keeping time, and provide convenient, practical tools for producing sound. He will demonstrate how relatively easy it is to progress on the instrument when the technique is healthy and right, and the listening is directed at the proper details, with attention to nuances. The participants will acquire extensive knowledge about tempo, weight, polyrhythm, development of coordination, concentration and direction while performing, etc.

The workshop is accompanied by many music clips, among them clips from an international enterprise called Project RnL, the Frank Zappa’s intricate Black Page, clips created especially for the master class, and more. Doron will also expand on his mastery of the left foot clave technique that he developed.

The master class is conducted in two formats:

  1. On the drums, with playbacks
  2. Accompanied by a band – three or four musicians, from among the best in Israel

The class is intended for drummers and musicians of all kinds. Its contribution to every musician is tremendous.

YouTube Clips

Masterclass – Thelma Yellin High School

Masterclass – Drummers Festival

Masterclass – Center study drums of Asher Krymolowski

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