Artist and Ensemble Production

Doron Giat is a vastly knowledgeable musician and a versatile, colorful drummer with a style all his own. His musical experience covers all genres, periods and sounds. Thanks to his mastery of diverse styles, along with with his in-depth understanding of today’s popular music, Doron can style any song and arrangement in a way that makes the very most of an artist’s abilities or a band’s performance. Artists and bands that have worked with Doron tell of his sensitivity, his boundless energy and how he puts his whole heart into what he does.

Through years of playing in various bands in Israel and abroad, Doron gained a special perspective on the creation and production of music. He is known as a musician who always keeps up to date on productions taking place abroad, and it goes without saying that he himself produces artists from abroad and has been active in bringing many excellent artists to perform in Israel.

Doron is considered highly skillful in interpreting the rhythmical world and bringing it to life with a variety of instruments, and this, in turn, leads to creation of the necessary groove for every song – so lacking in the local music scene. And when it comes to orchestral arrangements, Doron collaborates with the finest musicians in Israel.

As his trademark as regards daring, uncompromising artistic statement, Doron holds a “no compromises” approach when it comes to sound and statement. He believes in hard work, in getting down to the minutest details in every stage of the creative process – writing, composing, arranging, recording. Doron is known for his sensitivity to the tiniest nuances in musical aesthetics, which, in the end, make the big difference.

Doron’s rich experience qualifies him to work with stage, film and television artists, meeting all the production’s artistic needs – and every production will receive the creative edge which will lead to quality branding at high musical standards.

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