Practice Rooms for Rent

Practice Rooms for Rent

You don’t have anywhere to practice the drums? The neighbors have started to complain? You don’t have a drum set? Or you’d really, really like to practice somewhere that is professional, soundproof, and no outside interruptions…?

NO PROBLEM! We have acoustically built practice rooms for rent, on an hourly basis and/or by purchasing monthly discount tickets.

The rate for one hour’s practice for a drummer who is not a student at the school: NIS 40.

The rate for one hour’s practice for students enrolled at the school: NIS 35.
The rates per hour of practice vary in accordance with the number of hours’ use per month:


he practice rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with high-quality drum and cymbal sets, headphones, computer and sound card, connection to the internet and to a server with tens of thousands of songs and music clips, metronome, practice pad and double bass pedal.

Seating area, drinks, restrooms, and a friendly, pleasant atmosphere ☺
Option for additional musician or to practice with a band, for an added fee and subject to availability.

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