Music School

The Doron Giat Music School, located in central Tel Aviv has been in existence since 1994. As one of Israel’s most prominent musicians, Doron has earned a great deal of esteem for his prolific efforts to enhance the level of music instruction and of educational initiatives in the field of music. The system of learning founded by Doron includes way of learning, which includes methods built on years of experience coupled with the wish to provide a total solution for pupils at all levels. The fields of study and activity at the school are:

Drums / Bass Guitar / Electric & Classic Guitar / Percussion Instruments / Voice / Harmony & Theory / Sound and Studio / DJ Studies / Music Appreciation / Master Classes / Performances of Big-name Artists from Abroad / Professional Ensembles, Led by Top Musicians

The school’s comprehensive program of studies, and the modern facility, make it possible to feel the work and creative processes as they take place in the professional milieu and in the field itself. Doron’s method of learning is intended to teach every student to play eclectically, and to impart them with a command of the diverse genres of music today – rock, jazz, Latino, pop, funk, R&B, world music, and more – all this, while providing musical stimuli, in a building specifically designed for the unique concept of the school, comprising a recording studio, rehearsal room, and practice rooms well equipped for drummers.

The lively atmosphere is tangible, and provides enormous inspiration to all comers.

The instrumental studies combine the classical foundations and cornerstones with a correct, healthy, modern, up-to-date technique. The student will develop the ability to improvise and will achieve expertise in a wide variety of musical genres, become familiar with – and play – a large repertoire of clips, songs and other creations that are an integral part of the evolution of today’s music. The student will acquire high-level ability to read music, and will garner experience in studio recordings, preparation of harmonic progressions, and theory.

The instructional staff was carefully chosen by Doron, and trained by him in effective teaching methods in line with the overall approach of the school. Every teacher is a first-rate artist known in his or her field, and is an accomplished instrumentalist proficient in many different genres.

The school prepares students for advanced studies in Israel and abroad, for matriculation exam recitals, auditions for music-oriented service in the Israeli army, and for any other purpose. Many of the students continue their instrument studies when they go on to higher education, and many colleges send their students to the school to strengthen their instrumental capabilities.

The school is the official representative in Israel of the Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, California.


Our ensembles are intended for both internal and external students. The young musicians gain experience in ensemble playing, improving their abilities from week to week. Experienced musicians can be part of our most professional ensembles, led by musicians who are among Israel’s greatest, among them: Yossi Fein, Avi Leibovitz, Yossi Sassi, and Dan Toren.

The music appreciation course taught by Doron Giat is open to the public at large, and takes place twice a year.


The school, located at 98 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, is a modern, up-to-date facility. All the rooms are built as floating chambers, with the highest acoustic specifications, and serve for study, practice, rehearsals, and recordings. Thirty-four recording lines are permanently wired to the control room, which commands a view of all the rooms via high-quality cameras, and thus the recording musicians can also communicate with the technician. The school’s recording studio is one of the only such facilities in Israel with capability for sterile track recording of live playing in five rooms simultaneously.

The recording and main rehearsal room – the live room – is used for ensemble work, production and instruction of musical ensembles, and for the highest-level drumming work in the country.

The amplification equipment, the instruments and the recording equipment are among the best in the world, allowing for disc production at world-class professional quality.


The school markets all kinds of musical instruments and related equipment and accessories, and gives advice and guidance in choosing instruments and building acoustic rooms. The school store offers instruments, studio equipment, acoustic materials, and in fact, everything that is sold in the big music stores in Israel: drums, guitars, keyboards, microphones, amplifiers, sound cards, software, loudspeakers, and related items such as strings, leathers, workbooks, cables, etc., absolutely everything – and at reasonable prices. Come into the store and talk to us. We’ll be glad to help with any question you may have and to provide you with professional, reliable service.


Here is the variety of productions with which the school is involved:
Production of master classes and performances with musicians counted among the best in the world, such as:

  1. Michel Camilo, Dave Weckl, Anthony Jackson, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Omar Hakim, Kenny Garrett, Ronald Bruner Jr, Chad Wackerman, Jeff Ballard, Mark Guiliana, Thomas Lang, Antonio Sanchez, Jojo Mayer, Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen & Kenwood Dennard.
  2. Workshops with Israeli musicians and production of instructional video clips.
  3. Musical production of ceremonies, particularly for high school graduation parties. The school produces every event from A to Z, including the writing, musical management, amplification, photography and editing.
  4. YouTube channel for dissemination of musical contents of artistic value, including training videos.

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